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What you will find inside the Academy's Evidence Analysis Library:

Use Academy Evidence-Based Guidelines to apply cutting-edge, synthesized research to practice!

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Early Professionals Eat Right Society

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The Foundation's giving society, The Eat Right Society, was created to recognize donors that support the Foundation's many important initiatives.
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General Mills Foundation
Over the past 12 years, the General Mills Foundation has provided $7.5 million dollars in awards.

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Christina Gayheart
"I have a passion about our profession and what the Foundation does for us as students and professionals"

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Investing in the profession by making research resources available for Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and its members is a priority for the Foundation. Funding research will elevate the registered dietitian’s profile to the public by continuing to position the Academy and its members as the nutrition experts. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation understands the value of research conducted by registered dietitians and the importance of donors who help to move the profession forward with this research.

Agriculture, Nutrition, and Health Research Fellowship

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics/Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation fellowship projects from August 2014-July 2015 include:

  • Convene a consensus conference to identify the Academy and members’ unique contribution in agriculture, nutrition, and health
  • Manage a working group of DPG members for a Healthy Food for a Healthy Planet website

"Over the past six months of my Research Fellowship, I have had the privilege of investigating one of the biggest questions of our generation – 'How to sustainably and nutritiously feed our rapidly growing global population.' To adequately answer this question, our food system requires the support and knowledge of many experts and stakeholders. This fellowship has given me the opportunity to work with several leading health professionals, which has helped me realize the significant role that registered dietitian nutritionists play in shaping the intersection of agriculture, nutrition, and health. Dietitians have a unique set of skills that can help build a more resilient and nutrient-dense food supply, not only for our current generation, but also for generations to come. I want to thank the Academy Foundation for this wonderful fellowship opportunity, and look forward to continuing my research in the area of agriculture, nutrition, and health."

Chris Vogliano MS, RDN, LD
Agriculture, Nutrition and Health Research Fellow
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation

Chris Vogliano

Annual Research Fund

The Foundation is expanding research efforts to make dollars available on an annual basis to fund research being conducted by the Academy and its members. These dollars will allow the Foundation to quickly respond to the ever changing research needs of the profession. Since all dollars to this annual research fund will be made available for immediate disbursement, the Foundation believes this will allow for an even greater impact by providing consumers with the most relevant and accurate food and nutrition information and bringing more registered dietitians to the forefront.

Research Funded through the Annual Research Fund

Research Endowment

Research ImageTo support research in the dietetics profession, the Foundation established the Foundation Food and Nutrition Research Endowment in 2001. Interest generated from the endowment funds member-conducted research on top issues identified by the Academy and the Foundation.

Research Funded through the Research Endowment






Named Research Funds

The Foundation has several named funds which support research. Each award has specific criteria governing its use and a separate review committee is appointed for each of these grants.

Last year, the Foundation made available more than $181,000 in support of research conducted by Registered Dietitians.


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