On May 3, Keshia Okorie, a senior dietetic student and President of the Health and Nutrition Science Club at Brooklyn College (NY), held a free yoga event on campus, led by a certified yoga instructor, to raise health and nutrition awareness and bring its health and nutrition science student body closer together. Keshia decided to pair this event with a fundraiser for the Academy Foundation, selling healthy smoothies and snacks to the student body.

“We chose to donate our funds to the Foundation because, as the world’s largest charitable organization devoted to nutrition and dietetics, the foundation is the main source of scholarships and awards for students much like ourselves, and funds that we raise can also be used towards education and nutrition research which are all important causes that we as dietetics students care very much about,” explained Keshia.

The event raised $149 and had a total of 28 people who attended the event/fundraiser. “Getting ready for the fundraiser was a lot of work but also a lot of fun,” exclaimed Keshia.

The Academy Foundation does not receive a portion of any member dues and relies on donations to thrive. Student volunteers like Keshia have a passion for giving back to their chosen profession and have already developed an appreciation of the great work the Foundation does as the only charitable organization devoted exclusively to nutrition and dietetics.

“Participants were very excited to be a part of the event,” said Keisha. “Many people expressed that the event was a great way to unwind from the stress of the semester, and knowing that the proceeds from the items sold at the event would be going to the biggest charitable organization for nutrition and dietetics was an added incentive for purchasing our healthy treats for many of the health and nutrition students at the event.”

The Academy Foundation appreciates Keisha’s efforts and everyone who participated. Keisha will be graduating soon and plans to continue learning through a dietetic internship and pursuing a masters. She hopes to eventually conduct Diabetes type II research. We wish Keisha luck and look forward to her continued work with the Foundation!