Children are the future of this great country of ours and this amazing planet. I had the opportunity to spend the last week at a camp with more than 150 students from grades 5 thru 12 representing 45 states! They were learning about how to help their fellow students eat better and move more in schools. Dietitians of the future, possibly, what an inspiration! However, students and their families need access to accurate and relevant nutrition information. That is why I am so proud and supportive of our Kids Eat Right Initiative.

In 2010, our Foundation launched Kids Eat Right to support public education projects and programs that address the national health concern of obesity among our children. We created this program in such a way to encourage you, as Academy members, to get involved and deliver these messages in your communities—with schools, worksites, policy makers, and the media, providing you with the tools and resources to position you as leaders and change agents in this arena. I am so proud of how many of you jumped right in and embraced this campaign. To date, Academy members have received more than $186,950 in mini-grants to help them deliver 2,348 presentations to more than 61,150 individuals nationwide.

Here are just a few of our Academy members and Foundation volunteers helping kids eat right every day!

Kids Eat Right Month highlights the role that everyone, from families and communities to health care professionals and policy makers, can take to improve children’s health. The Academy and our Foundation are committed to helping all kids eat right because raising the next generation of healthy children starts today. If you haven’t had the opportunity to register as a volunteer and check out all the great Kids Eat Right toolkits available for you for free as members, including infographics, articles, tip sheets and PowerPoint presentations, please do so today.

Just like all the great offerings of the Foundation, member donations, not dues fund these valuable resources and innovative programs offered through Kids Eat Right. I hope that you will support Kids Eat Right Month by donating to the Foundation today and thank you for bringing this program and its message to your community!

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From Academy Foundation Chair Jean Ragalie-Carr, RDN, LDN, FAND