Have you ever thought about what your legacy will be? We all play so many roles over the course of our lifetime. What areas of your life are you most passionate about and want to make a lasting impact on? A number of Academy members have thought about this exact question and have chosen to make an impact on the profession they love by joining the Foundation’s I WILL Legacy Society.

I want to thank and recognize all of our I WILL Legacy Society Donors who will make an impact in our profession for years to come.

The I WILL Legacy Society is comprised of forward thinking members of the Academy who have chosen to make a planned gift to the Foundation through their will or estate planning. Some of us may be great planners and have already started our estate planning early in our careers, while others might be putting this process off for any number of reasons. As the Academy and Foundation chart a course for our next 100 years and envision a bolder, more global future through the Second Century Initiative, it is a great opportunity to take some time, reflect and plan a gift that will leave your legacy in an area you are passionate about, and the profession we love.

There are many different reasons why our members have joined the I WILL Legacy Society, some strongly believe in our mission, or trust our stewardship. Some have a personal connection to the Academy and Foundation leadership, or want to honor or memorialize a loved one, others have felt a direct impact from the Foundation’s work and want to give back. Most have a strong emotional connection to the profession that has given them so much, like Judy Dodd:

“My decision to become a I WILL Legacy Society member was my way of saying ‘thank you’ to the professional organization that shaped and molded my career and of assuring that others would have a chance for the same opportunities.”

Planned gifts received through the I WILL Legacy Society are critical to the Foundation’s long term success and have sometimes been the most impactful, helping to endow a particular scholarship, supporting our growth in research and awards or providing support where needed the most. Here are a few Academy members who have made gifts through the Legacy Society and a significant impact on the Foundation’s work and our profession:

Jane E. Billyeald
The Foundation received a $26,866.40 bequest from the estate of Jane E. Billyeald in 2013. Jane was an Academy member and worked as an RD at Indiana University after a stint in the U.S. Army. Her bequest to the Annual Fund supported ongoing efforts of the Foundation.

Ann Atherton Hertzler
The Foundation received a generous $140,000 life insurance policy from Ann Hertzler in 2014. Ann was an Academy member and generous donor to the Foundation. Portions of this gift went to the Ann A. Hertzler Grant she established in the 1990’s to support the Academy’s research agenda. Additionally, Ann’s first gift to the Foundation helped establish the Evidence Analysis Library.

Martha Snavely
The Foundation received a $569,125.33 bequest from the estate of Martha Snavely in 2013. Martha was an Academy member and Foundation donor. A Fund was established in her name to the Foundation’s public education activities, making a significant impact on our Kids Eat Right program.

A planned gift and can be as simple as a sentence in your will to bequest the Foundation a donation, gifting stock, naming the Foundation as a beneficiary to a life insurance policy or more elaborate estate planning such as gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts that make payments to you through your lifetime. If you are interested in learning more about planned giving and becoming a member of the Foundation’s I WILL Legacy Society, please contact Susan Burns, Foundation Director at (312) 899-4752 or sburns@eatright.org.

From Academy Foundation Chair Jean Ragalie-Carr, RDN, LDN, FAND