Nicolle Fernandes, PhD, RD (New York)

Reaching out to people using the “Tossed Treasures” toolkit meant not only sensitizing college students to their direct contribution to food waste but also providing them with simple practical methods to manage it. Through the toolkit, students learned that minimizing food waste would not only reduce what ends up in our landfills, but could be channeled to service millions of our food insecure people while also lowering the drain on our natural resources/environment, and all of that while still keeping a chunk of change in their pockets. I also felt a sense of pride to be a messenger for the Academy that is engaged in being part of the solution of this important and timely cause.

Barbara Fuller, MS, RD, LD (Iowa)

The “Tossed Treasures” toolkit was easy to use, the graphics are very well done. This presentation was well received by the groups. It was short and to the point, was able to grab their attention right away. Most commented about the amount of food waste and impact on environment.

Gregory Nyers, dietetic intern (Ohio)

It is very rewarding for me to help young adults develop strong habits that will encourage a healthy lifestyle for them. Toolkits like “Tossed Treasures” help me and other professionals to accomplish this. The children are also a very important part of the team who will be able to influence their families and friends. I look forward to more opportunities to work with the Academy Foundation and Kids Eat Right and continue to spread the word through presentations.