How the New Tax Bill Effects the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation

The new tax bill could have a major impact on non-profits nationwide, including your Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation. The bill includes a higher standard deduction that eliminates the financial incentive for most families to itemize deductions, including charitable deductions. It is estimated that more than 28 million fewer Americans could itemize their deductions, [...]

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December Monthly Message

Our Foundation Makes a Significant Impact Through Scholarships, Awards and Research Grants! “I am so thankful to have received this scholarship, as it will help me to achieve my goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian.” Christie Sauer, MS Whenever I speak to someone who’s unfamiliar with the Academy Foundation and its good works, the [...]

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Why Do Academy Members Support their Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation?

“I choose to give to the Academy Foundation because I value the work it does. The scope of the Academy is focused on the advancing the profession. I value the Academy Foundation because it allows for an important focused effort on philanthropy with their scholarship, grant and nutrition education programs.I am especially passionate about the [...]

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November Monthly Message

The Academy Foundation Thanks You for Your Support! Having just returned from FNCE® and celebrating the Academy’s 100-year anniversary, it’s hard not to feel exhilarated as well as proud – proud to be in our profession, to be an Academy member, and to be a Foundation donor. FNCE® 2017 attendees stepped up in a big [...]

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Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation Fellows

Current Fellows Stephen Alajajian, RDN Project: Gardens for Health International Funded by: The Academy Foundation Research Endowment Stephen Alajajian is a registered dietitian nutritionist with a passion for serving culturally and linguistically diverse people. Through his fellowship, he is currently the Senior Nutrition Technical Adviser for Gardens for Health [...]

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October Monthly Message

Our Foundation is Building the Pipeline of the Next Generation of RDNs! Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation scholarship recipients for 2017 were just announced. Thanks to your generosity, the total amount distributed will be nearly $500,000 this year. The Foundation is the largest provider of scholarships for nutrition and dietetics students [...]

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Leaders Hosting Receptions to Raise Awareness and Funds for Second Century

Judith A Gilbride PhD, RD, CDN, FADA, FAND; Jean Minskoff Grant, MA; and Julie O’Sullivan Maillet hosted a reception in the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Friday evening, September 15, 2017, to create some grassroots awareness and raise funds for the Academy Foundation’s Second Century Initiative. In addition to being leaders in the [...]

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Academy Foundation Announces Second Century Challenge Winners

The Academy Foundation challenged all Academy Affiliates this year to give a gift to the Second Century Campaign from either their budget or reserves while encouraging their members to give as well. The affiliate with the highest average gift total based on membership this year has won a $1,000 scholarship in their name. Volunteers within [...]

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September Monthly Message

Let's Help Our Members in Need This is one of those “stop the presses” moments. I was all set to write this month’s Chair’s Message on a different topic, and then Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. By now, we’ve all seen photos of the devastation, and the first-hand reports - some from our own colleagues [...]

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