Cindy Brison, MS, RD (Nebraska)

As a “Tossed Treasures” mini-grantee, I reached the entire state of Nebraska at one time with this great “Tossed Treasures. How We All Can Waste Less Food.” presentation! I provided a webinar on Zoom to the state — it worked so well, and was so easy. The presentation is well written and easy to use. I am sending the website of the presentation and the handout to our foods people who were on the webinar to use in their counties. Thirty-nine extension educators and assistants participated this morning! So great. Thank you for this experience! I will use it again!

Chelsea Ankenbrandt, dietetic student (Michigan)

Giving a presentation can seem daunting at times trying to prepare all of the materials, but with talking points and handouts it seemed like a breeze! It was a great resource for me as a student, because it challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and present, but I was confident with all of the great information behind me. Toolkits are a great way for students like myself to easily get out in the community and gain experience giving presentations and pass out some great information!