We Love Our Volunteers and Donors

The month of February and Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand and is a great opportunity to recognize all the people who make a difference in your life. This month, I would like to express our love and gratitude to our volunteers and donors, the true lifeblood of our organization. Our success is directly attributed to the tireless and passionate work of our volunteers and the generosity of our donors. As the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation Chair, I have the privilege of meeting many Academy members who offer their time, talents and treasure to our Foundation, sharing their passion for what we do to helps us make a difference in the lives of thousands of individuals each year, through Scholarships, Awards, Research Grants and our Public Education Programs.

It all starts with our Board of Directors, leaders throughout our profession who come together to help us advance public health and nutrition by utilizing the expertise and reach of registered dietitian nutritionists, I can’t thank you enough for your leadership and generosity, it is an honor working beside you.

Just as significant are the Academy members who serve on our Philanthropy Council to provide direction and help garner support for our Second Century Campaign as well as our State Fund Raising Champions who create awareness and raise funds within their affiliates for our Foundation. Next are the many Academy members who serve on scholarship, award and grant review committees, helping us do the tough job of selecting the most qualified individuals for these awards.

And by far our largest group of volunteers are the thousands of Academy members who help us deliver our Kids Eat Right and Future of Food Public Education Programs, working with schools and communities to help kids eat better and providing information to support sustainable food systems and a safe and nutritious food supply for the growing world population. Many of these outstanding individuals are recognized monthly as our Every Day Heroes.

Thank you one and all for the great work you do to help us make a difference and change lives. If you are interested in volunteering and getting involved with our Foundation, please check out the opportunities on our Volunteer Page.

Donors make the true difference, none of our great work would be possible without your support. I would like to thank everyone listed in our 2016 Donor Report, helping us make a difference in the lives of so many last year. Students like Angela Yu, who received the 2016 New Jersey Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Scholarship.

Angela Yu
I am thankful to have received this award which will allow me to continue to focus on pursuing academic achievements. Thank you for this opportunity to further my professional development.

While you are expressing your love and gratitude this month to the people that mean the most to you, please remember to donate to the Academy Foundation when renewing your Academy membership online or donate today to the only charitable organization dedicated to serving to our profession!

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Warm Regards,
Jean Ragalie-Carr, RDN, LDN, FAND
2016 – 2017 Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation Chair