Celebrating National Nutrition Month, RDN Day and National School Breakfast Week!

Lacey Armstrong, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, CPT, SP (Italy)

I am CPT Lacey Armstrong. I am stationed in Vicenza, Italy with the U.S. Army. I am the only dietitian here! For RD day this year my Deputy Commander of Nursing brought me brownies, which are a personal favorite of mine. All foods fit, and I try to inspire my patients and my community to include foods and activities they love in a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Perfection works for almost no one, so why not be a realistic optimist? Happy NNM!

Barbie Monty (Florida)

From Sonia, one of my 5th grade students:
“This month my class and I have been celebrating
National Nutrition Month because our Exhibition topic focus is Staying Healthy. We have been coming up with ideas to Tweet out what we are learning, and we have also set up Skypes with people. We are currently explaining to other students and adults what we are doing, and even came up with a Healthy Snack Pledge we want to share. It is important to Stay Healthy because if you make good or bad choices now, then they will impact you in the future. We will keep on raising awareness and coming up with ideas to inform people about ways to Stay Healthy.”

Kaitlin Russell (Maryland)

The principal at Evergreen Elementary School in California, Maryland sponsors a run club every morning before school. Afterwards she sticks around for a healthy breakfast in the cafeteria. During March we added healthy fruit and yogurt parfaits to our breakfast menu which the kids are asking for every day now.

Hilary Walentuk, MS, RD, LDN (Massachusetts)

As an employee of New England Dairy & Food Council, I celebrated National School Breakfast week at Ashfield Middle School in Brockton, Massachusetts. Ashfield Middle School students are breakfast champions with 83 percent participation in their grab n’ go program! We kicked off their Fuel Up To Play 60 student team with a surprise breakfast event during the three lunch periods. Before the event, the FUTP60 student team prepared all of the breakfast samples and then passed them out to students during the event. The samples were delicious and a student commented, “I would eat this for breakfast every day!” We also celebrated with a visit from New England Patriot’s Mascot Pat Patriot and dairy and nutrition trivia with a local dairy farmer. The students (and I!) had such a great time celebrating National School Breakfast Week. As one student said, “I wish this day would never end!”