Building Off Successful Work Done from a 2016 Planning Grant

In 2016, The General Mills Foundation awarded the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation a Hunger Free Communities Planning Grant to collaborate with food security, nutrition and health economics experts from around the world to develop and validate the following:

  • A food and nutrition security community assessment facilitator guide tailored for existing data and community characteristics.
  • A decision process that allows communities to consider financial, impact and uncertainty criteria to rank a list of potential food and nutrition interventions.
  • A recommended food and nutrition security assessment tools.
  • An infrastructure assessment for communities to collect data and evaluate impact with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Health Informatics Infrastructure platform.

The Academy Foundation is pleased to announce a second round of funding in the amount of $145,000 to pilot the work conducted in the planning phase that will include field testing the guide, process and tools with two communities in the U.S. and one international community.

This will benefit the targeted communities in strategic planning and decision making and to make additional enhancements to the guide which can only be identified through pilot testing in real-life situations. Global dissemination and communications about the revised guide will be launched as a part of the pilot.

The Academy Foundation is conducting our Second Century Campaign that builds upon our Foundation’s successful scholarship, award, research grant and public education programs in a more effective and global way. The Hunger Free Communities pilot program is one fine example of our evolving projects taken to a global scale.

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