As we close out the fiscal year at the end of this month, I’m looking back at how fast the year went, but also how many great things have happened at the Foundation since last June.  Your generous donations to the Foundation’s Second Century campaign helped make important disbursements possible, such as helping fund the Malnutrition Clinical Characteristics Study and the Transitions of Care Technical Implementation Guide, not to mention the Fellowships that Academy President, Donna Martin, highlighted in her May President’s Page in the Journal.  And as we note proudly each year, your generosity allows the Foundation to give over $500,000 in scholarships to dietetics students. To see a visual highlighting the three year impact of your donations, be sure to check out our latest infographic.

Chicago Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (CAND) attendees

At FNCE 2017, we revamped the format of the Gala, aka “Party with Marty”, from a formal, sit-down dinner to a reception, reducing the ticket price significantly in the process, allowing more students and young professionals to be able to afford to attend.  We hope to see each of you at this October’s Gala on October 22 in Washington, DC!  FNCE 2018 registration is open, allowing you to purchase your tickets now.

I’ve been very lucky to have such a terrific Foundation Board this past year, and want to thank those members who are completing their terms at the end of this month:  Sylvia Escott-Stump, Cathy Christie, JoJo Dantone-DeBarbieris, Sitoya Mansell, Mary Russell, and Maha Tahiri.  I’m excited that Kathy Wilson-Gold has been appointed as Chair-Elect beginning June 1.  I’m also very grateful to our Philanthropy Council who’s done a marvelous job networking to solicit major donations to the Foundation, using their skilled “personal touch”.   I look forward to the 2018-19 year that starts June 1, and I continue to be grateful for your ongoing generosity to the Foundation!

Martin Yadrick Sincerely,

Martin M. Yadrick, MS, MBI, RDN, FAND
2017 – 2019 Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation Chair

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