June Chair Message – Making a Difference in Our Own Unique Way!

I’m honored to serve as your new Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation Chair.  Only a few years ago, I sat in the audience as an attendee at the Foundation Gala.  Videos of scholarship recipients and fellows played throughout the evening as they told their “story”.  The selfless work of these colleagues was moving and I knew I needed to contribute to the good works of others. My initial step began with a financial contribution.  I quickly expanded my commitment and began donating my time.  I volunteered on a scholarship review committee and then moved into the role of board member.  I found I could make a difference supporting projects here in the United States as well as those in other parts of the world such as Rwanda and Guatemala.  I challenge you to make a difference in your own unique way.  Each of us has something positive to contribute.

There are so many others who share this same passion for our Foundation.  They have made a difference and I’d like to recognize them for their contributions. Thank you Marty Yadrick for your great leadership these past two years.  Your enthusiasm and wit made our work easy and very enjoyable.  We will benefit from your wisdom as you move into the role of Past Chair.  Additionally, I want welcome our new slate of officers and board members this year. These 2019-2020 Academy Foundation Board members are a talented, caring, generous and diverse group of leaders who will serve us well, bringing both a fresh perspective to our efforts as well as years of experience in a broad variety of activities that align with our Vision and Mission.

There are so many Foundation initiatives but scholarships are the cornerstone of our organization.  I strongly believe we must continue to fund scholarships to enable our profession to advance.  Our Foundation is the world’s largest provider of dietetic scholarships, and each year, we receive more and more applications from deserving students at all levels of study.  Students are challenged by the costs of higher education.  Let’s “pay it forward”.  Make your contribution today and annually so we can close the gap and meet the demand for these scholarships.

The impact of our Foundation Fellowships is felt far and wide.  We are no longer an association bound by our borders. We contribute and make a difference across the globe thanks to your support.  Our collaborations with aligned stakeholders are empowering Academy members to optimize global health with tools, research and model programs that address the greatest global food and nutrition challenges now and in the future.  I encourage you to take a moment and meet our fellows. 


I look forward to an impactful year and keeping you informed about all the ways our Foundation is making a difference.  I know all of this is only possible through the generous support of our donors.  Thank you for the all of your support.

Kathy Wilson-Gold MS, RDN, LD, FAND


Kathy Wilson-Gold MS, RDN, LD, FAND
2019 – 2020 Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation Chair

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