The Foundation was proud to provide a total of $17,410 in disaster relief funding to 10 nutrition and dietetic professionals. These individuals suffered losses due to the 2018 California wildfires and East Coast hurricanes.

The Foundation’s disaster relief efforts were established to support the personal and professional life-rebuilding efforts of Academy members, non-member nutrition and dietetics professionals credentialed through CDR, and dietetics students who are devastated by natural disasters. These efforts include two separate funds; A Life Rebuilding Fund that is supported by donations from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and its members as well as a Professional Rebuilding Fund that was established by the Commission on Dietetics Registration.

“It is amazing to see how much support there is within the community and beyond, knowing that people care and want to help has made the Camp Fire disaster easier to manage. I am greatly appreciative of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics [Foundation] for their support and aid in this terrible disaster. They have removed some of the stress of rebuilding and my appreciation cannot be stated enough. There is still a lot of struggling within my family and I am excited to be able to help them.”
Zachary R. Jensen

The Foundation, through the generosity of its donors, supports and empowers Academy members and other credentialed nutrition and dietetics professionals throughout their education and careers with scholarships, awards, research grants, public nutrition education programs, and even times of their greatest needs with relief during a life-changing event through its Disaster Relief Fund. Since its inception, donors have helped provide more than $125,000 in disaster relief funding.

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A few heartfelt thank-you notes from the Foundation’s recipients of Disaster Relief Funds from 2018 recipients.

“It is beyond most people’s imagination to understand what it means to have EVERYTHING that you have worked toward for 40 years disappear in a matter of hours. In my case it was my home, my community, my hospital, and my job as Director of Nutritional Services. The photos you have seen on television do not do justice to the extent of the disaster nor the impact on real people. Twenty six out of 43 of my staff lost their homes. They also lost their jobs when the hospital was too damaged to reopen any time soon. All but two of our friends lost their homes. It has been absolutely devastating and the issues are so complex that none of it will be resolving soon. I am grateful to all the people in our nation and around the world who have contributed to help the people of Paradise. I am grateful to the Academy Foundation for providing my family with disaster relief funding to help us get through this difficult time of loss and rebuilding. As we deal with the never-ending complexities of the insurance companies, notifying everyone we have ever done business with of our new address, and replacing every single thing we need for day-to-day life, I am only just now being able to start to wrap my head around looking for a new job. I am working hard on climbing out of my loss and looking at this as an opportunity for growth, new directions and professional excitement. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Foundation to help me, and people like me. It means a lot.”
Margaret Kelly, MS, RDN

“It was a blessing to learn the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation had a disaster relief fund available for its members that have been personally and professionally impacted by natural disasters. I lost my home, all my belongings and my local consulting business was eliminated as a result of the devastating Woolsey fire and subsequent storms in California. The recovery process has been slow and arduous. This funding will help my family and I take another step forward in rebuilding our lives. Thank you AND Foundation for supporting your members when it matters most.”
Melissa Ireland, MS, RD, CSSD

“Being awarded funds from the Foundation means more than I can say. My husband and I had to move unexpectedly after water damage from Hurricane Florence affected our apartment and damaged our belongings. We are so thankful for this gift from the Foundation and hope that it can continue to be used to help families in need, just like it did for me”
Genevieve Tellis