Communications and Dissemination Fellowship


The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation (Foundation) invests hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in evidence-based research and the development of resources to advance the field of nutrition and dietetics, demonstrate the value of registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) and nutrition interventions led by RDNs, and support credentialed food and nutrition practitioners. 

Foundation staff lead a variety of communications efforts to disseminate research outcomes and materials, but recently gap analysis exercises revealed that there is an opportunity to reach a greater audience, both within and beyond the dietetics profession.

To leverage this opportunity and increase the visibility of Foundation-funded research outcomes and programming, the Foundation is offering a new fellowship focused on creating, piloting, and delivering an enhanced communications and dissemination strategy using both traditional and innovative communications channels and tactics. Additionally, the fellow will develop a plan for translating research outcomes into materials that the Academy’s Policy and Advocacy team can leverage in their work.

The Foundation’s Fellowship program deploys dynamic RDNs in the U.S. and globally to advance the profession and to address food and nutrition challenges around the world, and this new fellowship opportunity will continue in the spirit of the program. The fellow will work closely with the Foundation and the Academy’s Research, International, and Scientific Affairs (RISA), Strategic Communications, and Policy and Advocacy teams to accomplish the goals of the project. This one-year opportunity is available through a grant from the Foundation’s Nutrition Education for the Public fund.


Interested candidates should apply online by 3:00 pm CT on Tuesday, August 22, 2023. Applications should include a tailored resume and letter of interest highlighting relevant experience and skills that makes the candidate a good fit for the fellowship.

Questions? Please read the Frequently Asked Questions first. Further questions can be directed via email to Nicci Brown, MS, RDN, FAND, Program Director, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation  at with the subject “Communications & Dissemination Fellowship.”


As part of the Foundation’s successful Fellowship program, this project will include an RDN expert selected for the fellowship who will lead a full-time, one-year project focused on enhancing the Foundation’s research communications and dissemination strategy. The goal of the fellowship is to create, pilot, and deliver an enhanced communications and dissemination strategy to internal and external audiences using both traditional and innovative communications channels and tactics, as well as develop a process for translating research outcomes for policy/advocacy use. 

Working closely with Foundation and Academy staff, the fellow will:

  • Phase 1: Assessment
    • Review the Foundation’s existing communications and dissemination strategies.
    • Research strategies from other foundations and health professional organizations.
  • Phase 2: Create
    • Identify appropriate tactics and channels for the Foundation to leverage in disseminating research outcomes and communicating programs and opportunities, including preferred practices.
    • Create a communications and dissemination strategy leveraging the tactics and channels identified.
  • Phase 3: Implement (Pilot) 
    • Pilot the strategy, including tracking metrics and other measures of success.
    • Document the strategy and process, including updating the strategy based on results of pilot implementation.
  • Phase 4: Deliver (Hand-off) and Share Success
    • Deliver the final strategy to the Foundation so staff can begin executing the recommendations.
    • Submit a proposal to share innovative practices in research outcomes dissemination and translation at the Academy’s FNCE® 2024 in Minneapolis, MN.

Additionally, the fellow will lead several other complementary efforts, including:

  • Creating a process/template for translating research outcomes into policy briefs and other materials relevant to the Academy’s Policy and Advocacy team.
  • Authoring several papers that highlight the impact of the Foundation’s key programs, including its scholarship, award, and research grant programs.
  • Identifying new internal and external stakeholders and thought leaders for the Foundation to cultivate to further enhance the visibility of Foundation programs, increase engagement with the Foundation, and dissemination efforts.

Program success will be measured against the successful creation of the following deliverables:

  1. RDN expert selected as the Fellow to lead the program of work
  2. Communications and dissemination strategy created, piloted, and finalized, including metrics collection.
  3. Process created to translate research outcomes into a format that supports policy and advocacy efforts.
  4. Three to four papers authored, showcasing the Foundation’s impact through various programs.
  5. Development of a stakeholder list for the Foundation to consider in outreach efforts.
  6. Sharing of fellowship outcomes, including a FNCE® session proposal, webinar hosted by the Foundation, and/or other avenues.

Additional Position Details

  • This is a remote position. The Fellow will not be required to relocate. Most work will be accomplished through telecommuting methods (webinars, conference calls, etc.) with occasional travel.
  • This position will require a full-time effort. The grant for this fellowship is $85,000/year and can be used for the fellow’s time on the project and/or at the fellow’s discretion. Faculty at academic institutions are permitted to apply. Overhead/indirect fees are prohibited.

Fellow Criteria

  • Credentialed status as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (preferred)
  • Minimum of three to five years of relevant experience in a communications role
  • Strong knowledge in nutrition communications, such as at a public relations agency or in a communications role at a food/beverage company or related industry organization

Fellow Skills:

As the project lead, qualified applicants should have demonstrated experience and expertise in:

  • Creating and executing research communications and dissemination strategies for previous employers and/or clients
  • Translating research outcomes for various scientific and lay audiences as well as for policy efforts
  • Scientific writing as well as writing techniques specifically for philanthropic organizations
  • The latest communications channels and strategies, such as leveraging social media for research dissemination 
  • Collaboration with external partners and organizations (both public and private) 
  • Additional skills include:
    • Self-motivated with the ability to work and make decisions independently
    • Ability to function at a high level and lead this program of work with minimal oversight
    • Strong leadership, interpersonal and team skills 
    • Ability to exercise sound judgement

Fellowship Award

The Foundation will provide funding support for the fellowship as five, quarterly payments as follows:

  • $85,000 per year fellowship grant, which can be used for the fellow’s time on the project or at the fellow’s discretion to accomplish the goals of the project

The fund does not provide for living or relocation expenses. Additional benefits (retirement, etc.) are not available for this fellowship.

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