Member Feedback on Future Academy Vision

The second all-member survey was conducted in November 2016 through the new Member Engagement Zone to obtain open-ended member input on the new vision and future of the profession. A total of 2,716 responses were collected, representing a nearly 60-percent increase in member participation compared to the first all-member survey conducted in August on the Second Century opportunity areas (1,716 responses).

Survey Question

In September, the Academy and its Foundation hosted The Nutrition Impact Summit and brought together 170 thought leaders, innovators and strategic thinkers representing the food, wellness and health care sectors. They co-created a desired vision of the future which is being used to inform the vision for the Academy’s Strategic Plan.

Key aspects of the developing vision include:

  • Diverse careers for food and nutrition professionals
  • Dedication to collaboration
  • Greater global presence and impact
  • Accelerating progress in solving the greatest food and nutrition challenges of the 21st century

    Which of these (or other aspects) do you consider essential to the future of the profession?


The responses were open-ended, allowing members to list a combination of the four aspects in the question and/or to write in additional thoughts.

  • 5 percent of respondents listed at least one of the four aspects provided in the question as essential to the future of the profession.
    • 9 percent listed all four of the aspects are essential to the future of the profession.
  • 5 percent reported that none of the four aspects are essential to the future of the profession.
  • 9 percent shared other aspects for the vision that they consider essential to the future of the profession, either in combination with or instead of aspects provided in the question.

Write-in responses from 10 or more members are listed below.

Write-In Responses Percentage of Responses
Position RDNs as the experts:
  • Public campaign and branding to raise awareness around RDN skills, expertise and education
  • Increase perceived value and credibility of RDNs
Focus on reimbursement for nutrition services and RDN compensation/salary 5.7%

Ethics, transparency and sponsorship:

  • Greater transparency from the Academy related to partner/sponsor organizations
  • Academy should not accept sponsorship from industry
  • Ethics with sponsored research
Continue focus on evidence-based practice 1.1%
Additional training and focus on functional and integrative medicine 1.1%
Protect/expand the RDN scope of practice, including order writing privileges 0.9%
Increase focus on creating a sustainable food system 0.8%
Increase diversity of the workforce 0.9%
Encourage more RDNs to educate consumers, translate research and correct misinformation through traditional and social media 0.8%
Increase focus on public health 0.7%
Increase emphasis on nutrition to treat and prevent disease 0.6%
Increase involvement in food and nutrition policy and legislation to support the profession 0.6%
Increase focus on licensing to protect the credential and the public 0.5%
Increase focus on research 0.4%
Increase focus on wellness 0.4%