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Kids Eat Right Webinars

Recorded Kids Eat Right Webinars - Free CPEU

Kids Eat Right

Learn about the many resources available to Academy members through Kids Eat Right and how you can get involved. Understand how Kids Eat Right toolkits are developed and take a closer look at each of the toolkits and other free resources.

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Recorded Future of Food Webinars

Changing the Way We Look at Agriculture

Learn about the current state of U.S. farming versus international farming, the innovative strategies happening globally to help nutritiously feed our growing world population and ag-related projects and practices that other affiliates and DPGs are participating.

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Promising Practices in Food Bank Nutrition Education

Learn how promising practices in nutrition education can be applied with clients of food banks, and integrate quality tools to design effective programs and materials. Take a closer look at helpful resources and evaluation tools on the Healthy Food Bank Hub.

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Feeding America Healthy Cities Pilot Program Results

Learn about the three Feeding America food banks and the new community partnerships they formed. Review the assessment process, outcomes, and recommendations for food banks wishing to successfully create similar partnerships.

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Keys to Food Bank Nutrition Education Program Evaluation

Learn the importance of conducting evaluations with food insecure populations in food banks and preview sample evaluation tools now available at View the results of the California Association of Food Banks Evaluation Report: Assessing the impact of Nutrition Education at Produce Distributions. Learn how the Guide to Effective Nutrition Interventions and Education (GENIE) can help you plan effective nutrition programs in a food bank.

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Food Production & Our Environmental Responsibility

In this webinar, participants will learn about the common misperceptions of animal agriculture and the environment, and current innovations that can impact food costs and our economy. Participants will also learn how to better educate consumers about food production and the environment.

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Food Security and Nutrition: Challenges and Opportunities in Improving World Health

This webinar will raise awareness of the current state of global health through a description of the missing macro- and micro-nutrients in the diets of developing countries and predictions for the future. Webinar attendees will be exposed to the challenges and opportunities in nutritiously feeding a growing world population, and see examples of successful and promising high impact interventions for improving global health and food security. This webinar was made possible through an educational grant from Elanco.

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US Farming 101: Part 2

As a continuation of the US Farming 101 webinar presented in July 2014, this webinar will provide insight into farming economics to better understand how farming decisions are made and the challenges farms face in running a business. Learn how the Farm Bill has impacted farming, nutrition education, and research. A variety of resources will be provided to help nutrition professionals become more knowledgeable about farming, the future of farming, and how to get involved in public policy decisions that affect agriculture and nutrition. This webinar was made possible through an educational grant from Elanco.

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US Farming 101

Building on the Academy Foundation’s highly successful Future of Food continuing professional education webinar series, this "US Farming 101" webinar will provide a foundational understanding of farming in the U.S. with relevant information for nutrition professionals to share with consumers. Learn about types of farms, educational backgrounds of farmers, and regulations of farms. Gain an understanding of the amount and types of foods that are imported and exported, and learn more about locally grown foods. Leave the webinar equipped to educate consumers about where their food comes from. This webinar was made possible through an educational grant from Elanco.

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Successful Synergies

Get inspired to connect with local organizations to help fight hunger and improve access to healthy foods in your community by hearing many innovative examples of projects big and small. Learn practical tips for forming collaborations that become successful synergies. Understand the important role that health care and food bank partnerships can play in improving the lives of families facing food insecurity. This Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation webinar was planned with Feeding America through an educational grant from the National Dairy Council.

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Making an Impact with Food Insecure Populations

Gain a real understanding of families facing food insecurity and the many obstacles they encounter every day. Learn how to make nutrition messages fit their needs, and access new resources for successfully helping food insecure families adopt healthy lifestyles. This Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation webinar is planned with Feeding America through an educational grant from the National Dairy Council.

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Ready Set Go - Preparing and Delivering Effective Nutrition Education for Audiences Facing Food Insecurity

In this webinar, sixth of a series, learn how Academy members can make an impact by providing nutrition education to food insecure families.

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A Flavorful Pairing: Nutrition Education in Food Banks

In this fifth webinar of a series, part of the Future of Food project, learn the value of nutrition education in food banks and the potential to change eating behaviors among participants. Understand the history of nutrition education in food banks and effective nutrition education plans for the future. Also get ideas for how you can provide nutrition education in food banks.

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Point A to Point B - Improving Access to Healthy Foods in Food Banks

In this fourth webinar of a series, learn the obstacles food banks face to distribute healthy foods for families and see examples of improvements food banks are making across the country. Learn specific ways you can help support healthy foods in food banks.

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School Meals and Community Partnerships: Creative Solutions against Food Insecurity

In this third webinar of a series, participants will learn all about the nutrition requirements for the National School Lunch Program and the recent changes to improve the nutritional quality of school meals. They will become familiar with the variety of school meal opportunities available to children, as well as services through community organizations that feed children.

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Contributors and Effects of Food Insecurity: Nutrition and Beyond

This webinar is second in a series, part of the Future of Food project. Understand the contributing factors associated with food insecurity and the effects of food insecurity on children, families and entire communities. Learn ways to help address hunger in your community.

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Hungry and Overweight: How is it Possible?

Can children be simultaneously hungry and overweight? Learn about services available to families and be inspired to get involved in hunger programs in your community in this webinar, the first in a series, part of the Future of Food project.

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Recorded Kids Eat Right Webinars

Using Social Media with Kids Eat Right

Learn how to effectively use social media to promote Kids Eat Right messages. Kids Eat Right spokesperson, Kristi King, MPH, RDN, CNSC, LD, will introduce the various Kids Eat Right social media platforms and provide specific suggestions to engage in each of them. Kids Eat Right members of all social media skill levels will especially appreciate her 5 hot tips! This webinar was made possible through a gift to the Academy Foundation from Diane Heller.

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Motivating Consumers with Messages That Make Sense To Them

The webinar, “Motivating Consumers with Messages that Make Sense to Them: Key Findings from the Latest Research, ” provides results of a study on consumer messages reflective of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines and how RDs can incorporate the findings to help parents and families achieve healthy, active lifestyles.

Under guidelines from the Commission on Dietetic Registration, this program is not eligible for continuing education credit under the individual self-study designation. This recording content is offered for informational purposes only.

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Recorded GENIE Webinar

GENIE: Your Nutrition Education Wishes Have Been Granted!

The newly released Guide for Effective Nutrition Interventions and Education (GENIE) is an easy-to-use resource for program planners and program evaluators developed by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and its Foundation. In this webinar, learn how GENIE can help nutrition and dietetics practitioners plan effective, sustainable nutrition education programs that positively impact their patients/clients and communities. Gain a good understanding of how GENIE was developed, validated, and how the interactive online version can help you set your programs apart. This webinar is made possible through an educational grant from the ConAgra Foods Foundation.

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