Nominating Committee Process

The purpose of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation Board selection process is to identify board members who will effectively, efficiently, and enthusiastically raise money to support the mission, vision, and principles of the Foundation.

Each year, the Academy Foundation Nominating Committee will identify individuals who have the necessary characteristics to advance the Academy Foundation as a governing, fundraising and grant making entity. The number one criterion given strong consideration is an individual’s ability to raise money and to personally support the Academy Foundation financially. The gap analysis will also serve as a supporting document in the identification of candidates.

The Nominating Committee should enlist the support of both the Academy and Academy Foundation Boards and others to provide names of prospective candidates. Nominations should indicate qualifications for the position.

Identification of candidates
The Academy Foundation Nominating Committee will meet during the third quarter of each fiscal year. Their charge will be to:

  • Identify a pool of candidates based on giving history, giving capacity analytics and past involvement with the Foundation.
  • Prioritize candidates who have:
    • Access to major gift donors
    • Connections to industry and other funding sources
    • Positions of influence related to Academy Foundation priorities
    • Diverse range of volunteer expertise
    • Experience on Academy Foundation or other charitable organizations' Boards
    • Prior fundraising and development experience
  • Interview potential candidates to gage interest, assess capacity and comfort in asking others for money.
  • Recommend Officer Positions.

Nominating Committee
The Academy Foundation Nominating Committee consists of the Immediate Past-Chair and two Past Academy Foundation Board Members. The Academy Foundation Executive Director and Senior Director serve as the staff liaisons to this committee. The Immediate Past-Chair serves as the Chair of the Nominating Committee.

Approval of Candidates
During its Board call/meeting in the spring, the Academy Foundation Board will review the Nominating Committee recommendations, along with Officer Positions. The Academy Foundation Board is to accept by consensus or majority, or oppose the nominees brought forth by the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee may choose not to fill all positions but must have the minimum number as per the bylaws, which would provide the option to identify additional candidates as they emerge throughout the year.

Other Opportunities
The Academy Foundation will keep a list of potential candidates for future consideration that will be provided to the following year’s Nominating Committee. Alternative opportunities for getting these individuals involved will be identified.

January 2022