Raising $1 Million to Give $1 Million!

The Foundation is asking all Academy leaders, members, students and affiliated organizations to come together and support this effort that will raise $1 million over the next three years to build Foundation resources and enable us to award $1 million in scholarships annually!

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Our Mission

Through philanthropy, empower current and future food and nutrition practitioners to optimize global health.

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We Care

Academy Foundation is committed to promoting a healthy today and tomorrow for our children and our communities.

We Give

Through scholarships and grants, Academy members provide nutrition education to communities across the globe.

We Help

By educating the public on important nutrition information, we are giving them the tools they need to live healthful lives.

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Giving Tuesday: Our Profession, Our Foundation, Our Opportunity to Change Lives

Foundation Giving Tuesday

November 28 is Giving Tuesday, bringing together like-minded people to support causes important to them. Our Foundation is the only charitable organization devoted exclusively to promoting the nutrition and dietetics profession, making a lasting impact on hundreds of your fellow Academy members each year.

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