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Meet Adrian Boulter, Academy Foundation Fundraising Champion for the State of Texas

By Foundation Admin posted 07-25-2021 11:00 PM


Job/position title: Clinical Education Trainer

Employer: Remedy Group LLC

Current role/duties: I teach patients how to use VGO, a wearable insulin delivery device. I train patients on how to use the device and how they can manage their diet in relation to their prescribed insulin dosage.

Adrian Boutler

Does your Affiliate hold a special event fundraiser or create a presence at your annual meeting for the Foundation?

Typically, yes at Texas ACE.

Why was it important to you to serve as your Affiliate’s Sate Fundraising Champion?

I want to stay involved with the Academy and believe this is one of the most beneficial ways to help promote the success of dietetics. I want to give to the Academy Foundation for providing me with crucial support to get where I am today.

What are your typical duties in this volunteer role?

I work with the Texas Academy leadership to promote fundraising efforts and scholarship applications with the Academy Foundation. We help create messaging to be share with affiliate social media channels and help hold fundraising campaigns/events.

What is the one thing you like to tell everyone about the Foundation?

I like to tell people about how much the Foundation has helped me to grow in my field. I also like to help guide others to find the financial help they need to grow as well!

Academy Foundation State Fundraising Champions serve in volunteer leadership positions within each Academy affiliate on behalf of our Foundation to help create awareness amongst its membership and raise funds to support Foundation programs. We would like to recognize Adrian for her great work and thank all of our Fundraising Champions who are committed to our Foundation.

State Fundraising Champions share Foundation news, announcement and messaging with their membership, create a Foundation presence at their affiliate’s annual meeting and encourage donations. If your affiliate still needs to fill your State Fundraising Champion position, please call Paul Slomski, Senior Foundation Chair, (312) 899-1746, or email at