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Molly Kellogg Works with Our Foundation to Continue Her Legacy

By Foundation Admin posted 11-09-2021 11:00 PM

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Molly Kellogg, RD, LCSW, has had a long, successful career in nutrition and dietetics , starting in obstetrics and pediatrics, moving to private practice and , specializing in eating disorders and becoming renowned throughout the profession for her motivational interviewing in dietetics. Her counseling skills resources have been used in undergraduate and internship programs to prepare future practitioners for professional practice.

In 2021, Molly established the Molly Kellogg Nutrition Counseling Award with our Foundation to share her joy of motivational interviewing. She hopes to leave behind a legacy that will continue to advance excellence in counseling within the dietetics profession. The award will aim to advance counseling skills excellence in the dietetic profession by providing financial support to RDs and DTRs to pursue continuing education or research in the nutrition counseling process.

“For decades Molly Kellogg’s books, training, and motivational interviewing counseling tips have been a key resource for RDNs seeking to improve their nutrition counseling skills. Molly has helped dietitians at all levels understand how to incorporate motivational interviewing into the nutrition care process to enhance engagement and care, and most importantly, to improve outcomes. Whenever anyone asks where they can learn more about motivational interviewing, I have directed them to Molly Kellogg. Your support of this fund will help RDNs and NDTRs gain access to valuable counseling resources.”

Eileen Stellefson Myers, MPH, RDN, LDN, CEDRD, FADA, FAND

What motivated you to donate to the Foundation for the first time?

My hope is to leave a legacy that will continue to advance excellence in counseling in the dietetics profession for years to come.

What prompts you to give to the Foundation instead of another health-related or charitable organization?

The Foundation is the best organization with the structure and procedures to administer this fund. to house this fund and distribute funds to nutrition professionals. It also has the history, structure, and procedures to securely administer this fund.

The fund you established with the Foundation will support continuing education and research in the nutrition counseling process. What inspired you to establish the Molly Kellogg Nutrition Counseling Fund and how do you believe this is filling a need in our profession?

This Fund is the culmination of a career-long goal to give back to the profession that has given me so much. It will provide opportunities for a younger generation who have the same passion and desire as I do to help others through quality nutrition counseling. Many of the Foundation’s funds provide support for specific types of education or research. None yet focus on the essential process of nutrition counseling.

Hundreds of times I have heard from readers of my books and users of my programs that they value my resources. Some even say that their income has increased because of a job opportunity or improvement in client retention. This offers them an opportunity to pay it forward by donating to this fund to support younger students and RDs.

What excites you most about the future of our profession?

Over the years I have been an RD, I have seen our profession advance in professionalism and broaden our expertise. The way many of us have taken on extra training in counseling skills is an example of this. I expect this trend to continue.

Our Foundation works with Academy members and organizations to develop funds that align with their interests and the Foundation’s strategic priorities. We look forward to working with Molly to ensure her legacy lives on through her Fund. Support the Molly Kellogg Nutrition Counseling Fund by donating.

The Molly Kellogg Nutrition Counseling Award application to be open in mid-November 2021, with a deadline to apply of February 1, 2022. All Foundation scholarship, award and grant applications can be found on the Foundation’s application portal.

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