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Korrie Tugal - 2022 Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation General Scholarship

By Foundation Admin posted 07-14-2023 09:00 AM

Korrie Tugal

Korrie Tugal

2022 Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation General Scholarship

Completing a Dietetic Internship at University of California, Davis Medical Center

“Receiving this scholarship will help me alleviate the financial burden of attending a full time unpaid internship, and as a result, it will support me in my future endeavors to become a Registered Dietitian. This scholarship covers a significant part of the materials and tuition needed to attend the UC Davis Medical Center Dietetic Internship. As a result of lessening this burden, I will be less stressed, not have to depend on taking out personal loans, which have high interests and would add to my student loans down the road. This will shorten the time I was expecting to work to cover part of my debt and advance my timeline to apply for the Nutrition Biology PhD program at UC Davis.”

How did you learn about the availability of the Foundation scholarship that you received?

Professor Joan Frank at UC Davis made me aware of the Foundation’s scholarship availability.

What motivated you to apply for a Foundation Scholarship?

I was trying to figure out how I was going to be able to do a full year unpaid internship with a $5,000 tuition when I do not have anyone in my life that can financially help me in the process, and my savings were used to survive the pandemic quarantine. I came to the conclusion that I would have to work evening shifts in the hospitality industry in addition of doing 50-hour weeks at the internship and/or take out personal loans with high rates. Because those two options incurred either the risk of affecting my physical and mental health or my financial stability in the long term, I was highly motivated to apply for Foundation scholarships as it would mitigate the possible side effects of either previous options.

How will the scholarship funds help support your continued success within your educational program?

This scholarship will help me by lessening the financial burden of my internship and in return allow me to work part time at my second job rather than full time. This extra free time will be used to focus on my internship and allow myself more breathing room to be at my best while learning.

What advice do you have for your colleagues about seeking out and applying for Foundation funding opportunities?

My advice is to be as candid as you can be about why you are applying and what this scholarship will do for you, and additionally to take the time to not feel embarrassed about promoting yourself.

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