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Jennifer Lynette Ashby - 2022 Colonel Katharine E. Manchester Scholarship Recipient

Jennifer Lynette Ashby

Jennifer Lynette Ashby

2022 Colonel Katharine E. Manchester Scholarship

2022 Colonel Katharine E. Manchester Scholarship

“By receiving a scholarship from the Foundation, I am able to pursue a higher education and be given the opportunity to experience the many parts of the dietetic profession. Through the Future Education Model Graduate Program, I've been given the chance to have a more hands on approach with the profession that I wouldn't have otherwise gotten anywhere else in my area. Having lived my life in an area that is severely lacking in dietetic professionals, it is important that I have the resources to complete my education so that I may provide my community with the help it needs. The Foundation has provided me with those resources which will make achieving my goal of bettering my community possible.

How did you learn about the availability of the Foundation scholarship that you received?

I was informed about the Foundation scholarship by the program director and clinical coordinator of the Dietetics program at my current university.

What motivated you to apply for a Foundation Scholarship?

I have a great financial need for the upcoming semester and applying has given me the opportunity to take care of my expenses that I would have had to pay out of pocket or gotten from my university's financial aid. My program requires several expenses outside of tuition, such as books and health insurance each semester, so it was important for me to apply for scholarships in order to take care of those costs.  I also applied to help motivate others in my program and future students in case I did end up receiving an scholarship. As a member of the first cohort of the Dietetics program at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, it is important to let others know that resources are available to them. The university is located in a low-income area and students should know that people from our area have a chance at receiving scholarships to help motivate them to apply so that they may be more interested in continuing their education.

How will the scholarship funds help support your continued success within your educational program?

With the funds I have received, I am able to continue my education without worrying about any future financial requirements. My focus can be put toward my education and not whether I will be able to receive that education or not. With any extra funds left after tuition, I can put them toward additional educational material such as supplemental learning services of study material that can increase my chances of being successful when I take my RD exam after graduation. Having a scholarship also motivates me to do my best as I want to prove that I was the right choice to receive it. I have been provided with funds in good faith and I want to be honest and show integrity with its use.

What advice do you have for your colleagues about seeking out and applying for Foundation funding opportunities?

I believe that when applying for Foundation funding, you should present yourself like you would when applying for a Dietetics program or an interview. Look back at everything you've done to get to this point and let them know in your application why you're the best choice. Be active in your community and develop leadership skills, even if you aren't chosen for a leadership position. When you have a more hands on approach, you have a better understanding of the needs of your community, and by showing that understanding it can give others a better idea of how passionate you are about the profession. The most important thing to take away is that people need to know that this is where you want to be.

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